Anxiety is a Bi$&#…

I was supposed to be the one that bounced right back from pregnancy. I was the one that others said “OMG you look bloody amazing for having just had a baby” I was the one that was proud of myself for looking after ME in those first crazy six weeks. And at first I did! By January I was down to my pre-baby weight. I WAS AWESOME!

Then something happened, I went from glowing (but tiered) with a newborn to an inconsolable anxiety stricken woman who didn’t want to leave the house. Being a mum obviously has its ups and downs and I know most people know this, however these past few months have been trialing on our household and my relationships with people in general.

The anxiety took over so badly I did not want to leave the house, and the reason? I have absolutely no bloody idea 😢 was it the screaming travel trips, was I afraid that if a situation arose I couldn’t control what happened? Was it that it’s just much easier to stay in doors and keep bubs in an awesome routine that it was just far to hard to leave the house? Or was it that although bubs had been sleeping through I was only sleeping max 3 hours per night? In all honesty I can’t answer that question I just know that it was debilitating.

When I would get the panic attacks, I would become short of breath, crying uncontrollably and get the shakes. If I needed to be somewhere of a night time by the time I was ready to leave I was in such a mess that sometimes I would have to cancel. And being apart of a conversation… well you can completely forget it! I found myself not knowing how to be apart of a conversation, and also I didn’t want to bother people with my problems. I completely felt like a burden to not only myself but to everyone around me.

I had no idea what triggered it, but I know that I am stronger than this💪🏻 I know damn well that I’ve gone from being a person always on the go to then becoming a mum and staying at home. I feel this is the biggest part of me that has been lost. And whilst I don’t need to go out every day, I do need to do the things I used to enjoy! So that includes #zumba,  doing #weights,  getting out and about and just feeling bloody good about myself! So I have started my journey to get #backtome I want to be the role model that my son deserves, I want to be the wifey that my man deserves and I want to be the person that most importantly I DESERVE!

Thankfully I have turned the corner and feeling so much better than I was. And if I can help just one mum to feel better then my job here is done. Here are the 5 things I did to help myself get past the massive anxiety and panic attacks I was having:

  1. I FORCED myself to get out the door. Even if it was just for a small walk. The fresh air did me good.
  2. I TALKED to the people around me. Although I didn’t seek professional help (and if you need it then I highly suggest it), I did talk to close friends around me. I find it hard sometimes to talk about my feelings with others, but once I opened up to a couple of people I realised that I just needed to get shit off my chest.
  3. Do the THINGS you ENJOY most. Exercise is a big part of my life. As is DANCE. So once I did more of it, I felt better and that was the aim. I made excuses daily as to why I couldn’t do anything, yet my boy is a fab day napper and I have plenty of time to do it all!
  4. EAT WELL. I cannot stress this enough. You feel better, less lethargic and will help you cope with the stresses of the day-to-day as you will be able to think better. (even on no sleep!!)
  5. DRINK WATER! For all the reasons you should eat well.

O Z Z Y  F I T  M U M xx

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