What? 6 more weeks?

My face when the doctor told me I had 6 more weeks till I could zumba 😢Emergency c-sections are no fun when you plan to have a natural birth. I always knew that if I went natural the recovery time would be far less… however that was not to be for me! My body just didn’t want to progress in labour and I never made it past 7 centimetres. Bubs was ok, just my body didn’t want to play ball. I thought recovery was 6 weeks and then I go back to doing the thing I love most and that’s dance. But to my surprise I am not allowed to shake la booty for another 6 weeks on top of the 6 bloody boring weeks I’ve just rested for. For a fairly fit person like me, not being able to exercise is like a baby unable to poop. It’s painful and all you wanna do is scream. My sanity has been misplaced as I have now become the devil (even my frenchie is scared of me now 😂) and all I wanna do is a body roll. I did go to a bad place though. I didn’t leave the house, I cried almost every day and was just plain miserable. If I had the time all over again, I’d get outside and go for small walks. Just something for the soul. All is not lost though. I am lucky enough to be back at my pre baby weight, it’s just my body is a little different now after carrying this bundle of joy. So for those of you that have had c-sections and been in the same place, my advice get outside even if it’s just a little. You know your body and what it’s capable of, and if mummy is happy Bubby is happy! #motivation #babyethan #newborn #babyboy #baby #fitmom #fitmum #mommyblogger #mumblog #fitness #thatfaceimg_4339


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