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Exercise and pregnancy

One of the weirdest concepts to me is to not exercise through pregnancy. Why would you not? The benefits are endless. You’ll feel better, have more energy you’ll less likely be one of those “OH MY GOD MY BACK” nagging mums to be, and the best one……. drum roll please….. You’ll have an easier labour – or so they say?. (Now there are no guarantees on this and I do not want you to quote me, and PLEASE…NO HATE MAIL if it doesn’t).

So with all these great reasons to exercise, why is everyone so hung up on putting pregnant woman in bubble wrap and unwrapping them 10 months later?

When I started to announce that we had a bubba on the way the first thing I was asked was “You’re going to give up teaching now right?”….”ummmm noooo?” My initial reaction is “why would I give up something I’ve always done?” Yes I have to be safe for my baby, and do things differently to what I normally would do,  but it never actually entered my mind that I would need to give it up.

So let me explain what the benefits of exercise through pregnancy are and then you can make up your own mind:

  1. You’ll have more energy and frankly what’s not to love about this? Exercise releases those happy endorphins. It provides you with more energy, you’ll find yourself smiling more, feeling better about yourself and your hubby will love you for it.
  2. Less likely to have back pain, body aches and any other aches and pains that come with pregnancy as you can strengthen your muscles with weight training (along with those pesky keggles we need to do throughout) and keeping fit with cardio training.
  3. You’re likely to gain less pregnancy weight. It helps control the weight gain to stay within the healthy range. Not that we are against gaining weight through pregnancy (as we’d rather a healthy bubba than worrying about weight gain) but we do prefer woman staying within the healthy range.
  4. You may lower your chances by 27% of getting gestational diabetes. If you have high blood sugar level you are at a higher risk for developing type 2 diabetes. Exercise can help prevent or delay your need for insulin or other medication.
  5. You’ll feel like a smokin’ hot baby carrier. That beached whale feeling will be far in the distance (until you come to week 38! lol)

These really are only a few reasons and there are plenty more I can rattle off but you’d need a full day to read the blog and frankly, aint nobody got time for that. I have been teaching my dance fitness classes right the way through this pregnancy and whilst I’ve had to take it easy (which is not easy for a little energiser bunny who never stops jumping and dancing around) I would not stop exercising or dancing for the world. Not only do I feel bloody fabulouso but I would not give up something I love to be put in bubble wrap.

So get out of the house… Go for a walk… Go for a dance… Do some body-weight exercises… Do some weights… What-ever it is that you enjoy GO DO IT! It will make you feel better, be happier and enjoy your pregnancy!


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