There’s more to Pregnancy than just morning sickness…Who would’ve thought?

Morning sickness is not the only pregnancy symptom that a woman needs to prepare for. According to moms and moms-to-be, there are a few other lesser-known tales about what can be expected when you're an expectant mother.

So when my man and I started trying, I read all the damn things that I could in relation to fertility, dates and when we should and shouldn’t get our jiggy on (very stressful time!!!). What I also read about were all the symptoms you get along with pregnancy and how some can even last the length of the pregnancy (must admit I was a little freaked out by this as I did not really want to vomit daily for the next 9 months…arrgh sorry 10 months-the massive misconception!)

What woman don’t realize is that this is not the only pregnancy symptom a woman needs to prepare for. There are a few other lesser-known tales about what can be expected when you’re an expectant mother, I know it’s hard to believe, but yep there are more symptoms than just morning sickness. I feel like I’ve been one of the lucky ones! I had a little nausea here and there, a LOT of headaches and sinus aches, but this was pretty much it (in another blog I’ll talk about the daily jab of a needle I have to take, so not so lucky after all). And I definitely put it down to being an active girl and eating all the right foods before hand. Although don’t get me wrong even the fittest of the fit can get all those really really really bad symptoms and awful morning sickness…YUK!

12 Week mark 🙂

So those other little pesky pregnancy symptoms can include pregnant women discovering pains in parts of their bodies that they previously paid little attention to as the unborn child moves around inside the womb. It is also possible for a pregnant woman to wake up at night with Restless Leg Syndrome, a tingling, numb feeling and extreme restlessness in the legs (and when you’ve had a previous DVT – talk about it later, they tend to talk serious about this symptom). It may only occur at night and once you’re up and walking, everything is fine.

Pregnancy can suddenly make you allergic to something. Or if you already have an allergy, it can aggravate it to an unbearable degree, and most of these symptoms are likely to be much more frustrating since you’re going to be exhausted most of the time. Many women are surprised by just how bad symptoms of pregnancy can get.

The biggest one for me though is that no matter how competent you were in your pre-pregnancy life, you can no longer connect the dots. You’re lucky if you can still remember your name, address, and phone number.

And what if you’re expecting the whole Pregnancy Platter of Symptoms such as morning sickness, swollen and tender breasts, allergies, restless leg syndrome, pregnancy amnesia, and the works but they fail to show up? When this happens, just consider yourself lucky and DON’T TELL ANOTHER PREGNANT WOMAN! (she may want to eat you up whole and spit you out dry!)

But remember the reason why we are here. We are here creating a miracle and it is called LIFE! So if you have 10 months of unbearable symptoms or NONE at all I’m sure you’ll forget it all when you have your little human in your hands that you have created. (even if they do shit on your arm, wee in your mouth and all those fun things we get to look forward too)

Peace out hommie Gals

O Z Z Y  F I T  MUM xxoo

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