Advice….Take it or leave it, it’s up to you!

Being pregnant apparently makes people have the right to provide you with advice, tell you what you should and shouldn’t do and mostly how big (or not big) you are. What I do not understand is why people feel the need to say anything at all. In the first twelve weeks I got told some horrible things like “Be careful you don’t want to put too much weight on, you may get gestational diabetes” “OMG you’ve put on so much weight you’re going to be huge” “Should you be eating that?” “Should you be wearing that” “should you should you should you…”

I only have one thing to say….WTF????

When is it anyone’s right to comment on how a person looks, feels etc. Society feels like it has this god given right to say such things to woman while they are pregnant and don’t really even consider their feelings or the consequences of what has been said.

Even such things as oh I wouldn’t put a newborn in a cot from day dot, OR OMG I would never raise my child that way. Are you really still teaching fitness classes? What about your unborn child (secretly I love being asked this one because my response is simple “My baby boy is going to come out doing a shimmey lol)

Why is it necessary for people to speak up this way? Do these people not understand pregnant womans hormones are off tha hook and a response that is not likely to be taken any other way than rude is definitely on the cards for this mummy to be’s response? I say GOODLUCK to those of you who attempt, goodness knows what response you will get! And prepare for some choice words! 😉

What you don’t know is how that woman feels after you have made your rude and unnecessary comments has had an effect on them. Pretty sure after the third time in one week of being told I was getting fat I cried and almost had a panic attack.

So when you feel like making these rude comments….REMEMBER there is someone with feelings on the other side of those words, and they CAN HURT!

Mums to be, take what advice you want and leave all the rest in the garbage. Probably where it belongs!

O Z Z Y  F I T  M U M signing off xoxo

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