As a first time mum, that first 12-14 weeks can be quite scary. You don’t know what to expect, you feel ill, you don’t know your head from your ass and more importantly you don’t know if everything is ok.

I have always been a person who is in control of everything. I really struggled with the fact that this little baby was either going to get through the 12 weeks or not and I had absolutely no control over this what so ever. I had sleepless nights and was unable to combat that with my regular coffee addiction so the sleep deprivation took its toll and somedays I did not know what day it is! One Saturday I got up for work until the fiance told me it was Saturday!

With all this happening, the hardest thing is you really have no one that you can talk to about it. The norm is that you DO NOT TELL ANYONE until you know everything is ok. Well I call bullshit on that. No matter which way your destiny goes you NEED someone talk too. I had a small group of friends who knew I was pregnant and I can’t thank those gals enough. It is what help me get through the those long dreary weeks they would lift me up when I felt down, they would listen to me if I just needed to waffle on (which I do most days pregnant or not) and they would stop me from buying stuff coz I really really wanted too..

I have started to realise that all these books, online websites and audio books can be a great guide to what you SHOULD do but they shouldn’t be the holy grail of what YOU are going to do. Do what feels best, do what feels right and most of all share if you want to, don’t share if you don’t want to. It’s completely up to YOU!

The moment I was able to tell all our friends and extended family was one of the happiest days of our lives! Finally we could actually tell people and no more holding on! I am the worst at secrets when it comes to my own life so for me to hold onto a secret for that long was a real SUCCESS STORY! This new bubba is a real game changer for us and I cannot wait to meet them 🙂

O Z Z Y  F I T  M U M  x x x

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