We did it! We are pregnant! 

Well we are certainly “Up the duff”. The wee stick says positive (and so did all the other 3 tests I’ve done!) and we are truly excited, nervous, scared and all the damn emotions that have come with the test coming back positive!

I feel weird…

I feel like my life is passing by me and I have absolutely no idea of what is going on…

I have period pain… I never get period pain… I do believe it’s munchkin growing inside me though..

I’m f*cking tired….

I’m nauseous….

But all that don’t matter because we are having a baby! For the first week I hardly slept a wink. Not sure if it was from excitement, stress or being scared of the fact that I am growing something inside of me that eventually will be someone we need to take care of for the rest of it’s life. Probably the latter.

We are now looking forward to our dating scan which will tell us when the baby’s really due (because all the crap you read out there is in fact WRONG! first day of your last period is wrong! Wait for the dating scan then you’ll know!)


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