Doing the damn thing…

Well… We have got through our first month of trying for our little cherub and it was far more stressful than one could presume. Trying to remember dates/days that are high on the fertile calander, how often we should do the damn thing and then get our jiggy on and make it so it was fun…. And being told most fertile day would bring on a boy has not helped our cause.

Sooooooo much for one to think about, that it could turn one insane.

It became so regimented that even the most powerful dictator would have been impressed! By the time we got to most fertile day we were too exhausted and frustrated and I even got the “I can’t do this today” as if we were trying to decide wether to complete a gym session or not.

Not to mention throughout this entire process those damn elavit tablets have been giving me a sense of hope that I could be pregnant… All the symptoms, nausea, weight gain, fluid retention headaches and just exhausted! If I get these symptoms by just taking tablets one cannot imagine what I have to look forward to in the future when actually pregnant.

Basically we have been OVERTHINKING the whole situation and need to relax and just have fun. Joel doesn’t know which days are what..He is now not overthinking it as we thought we only had one shot a month at trying for a boy, now we try every second day! Whooop!

I freaken cannot wait to start a family, but our regime has changed and we are going to have fun like it was 1999!

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