Busting for a wee….

So today the man and I visited another man who puts all gooey stuff over my tummy so that he and we can see our munchkin. All I can think about though is running as far away from the man with the gooey stuff so I can find the porcelain fun stuff to get rid of this built up wee I have drank over 2 hours ago.

The pain goes away though….

The monitor shows me my growing little munchkin with a really really fast heart beat and I start crying… Quietly though I don’t want these manly men to think I’m a blithering mess….deep down they probably know though!

Then get told munchkin is 1 cm long. My fingernail is longer.. And it doesn’t have a tail!

I mean I’m feeling this violently ill for 1 cm? These babies are bloody full on, and what they can do to the body in such a short time is insane….But a miracle

We have breakfast after all the commotion. We are very excited and I talk some kind of sense into the man that we need new pram and new baby seat. I’m happy to have hand me downs for everything else! (except the mattress but I chose my battles wisely!) He then proceeds to tell me that he will look after pram duties and our baby will have the best pram out there and YES Rachael it will be new…But I’ll find a bargain! I roll my eyes and let it go, because the fight is no point right now as we are waiting to get past the safe period then we can fight again about it then!



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